aesthetics should be balanced between man made and more natural elements in a complementary arrangement in proportion: - man made elements should be balanced out by more "natural" essenced objects - a computer monitor with wood accents should be balanced out with a natural pond in the same space, etc within each: - alternating yang and yin energies dominant at every nested layer of analysis - human elements will comprise the majority of the house, since the house in yang, should be surrounded by nature (yin) - inside of human elements, they will contain natural attributes, like a wood grip on a handgun - the shape of wood grip will be defined with a grip pattern, thus the yang forces which have cultivated the yin material, etc etc specifics: for human elements - blend of man-made modernistic styles but only using overly natural materials - man-made objects should never be an imitation of nature, must be clearly man-made - for completely man-made/unnatural objects, natural accents where feasible or suited. - cultivation and preservation of existing iconography - alcohol bar in


, television, movies, books - man made systems and objects in a collected space for natural elements: - natural elements are clearly not residing in their natural location or maintained, but allowed to show their nature in the majority of the item - zen gardens are a good example of this

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